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Come and experience the rich history of mining.

16 years of unique underground adventure.

Price list - additional services


In the aboveground part of our museum an auditorium is waiting for you in an historic environment, for a number up to 50 persons. It is equipped with multimedia: projector, screen, speakers, a laptop on request. The price includes a visit of the exterior part of the museum, but without guidance.

The outside part of the museum is also available for viewing, which costs 4,50 per person.


In the coal mining museum of Slovenia we are delighted at the visits from children. We have prepared an offer especially for them “Ligis birthday." Children escorted by at least one parent go to the standard tour of the coal mining museum and at the end of the tour we invite them to the museum park, where they can complete the birthday with a cake (bring it with you).

The price for a tour of the museum is 8,50 € for children and 11,00 € for adults.


  • The annual programme of exhibitions.
  • White wardrobe for art exhibitions.
  • Black wardrobe and bathroom for technical exhibition.
  • The price includes a visit of the exterior part of the museum.

In the white wardrobe is the exhibition space devoted to various social events (receptions, banquets ...) as it is very pleasant because of its openness as well as its interesting cultural events.


We organize workshops for children (making Mexican toys, painting wheels, stone painting, beeswax Christmas ornaments, New Year's paper memorabilia, cooperation with nurseries in the Šaleška valley,…) in the outer part of the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia (white and black wardrobe, bathroom).

We also offer this space for children's workshops. If you would like to be creative and to organize children's workshop, please send us an offer by e-mail:

The price list takes effect on 1. 8. 2017.