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About coal

The Chinese had began using coal as fuel around 3000 years ago, soon after the Greek and Romans had found this out in the fourth century they had also began using it as fuel.  The oldest reports on the usage of coal are from England which came from the middle ages. The first to use the coal were the blacksmiths.  Around the 9 hundreds England would pay off bills and finances with coal. But after 1619 is when coal mining became strongly developed in England when they began using black or hard coal instead of wooden charcoal for the melting of iron. Therefore in Slovenia, coal was first discovered in 1647 and later became known in the inventories of Ljubljana’s drug stores with the name of ˝Dragon’s Blood˝ or ˝Sangvis Draconis.˝ In 1689 Valvasor also mentioned that coal ˝Dragon’s Blood˝ was often used in drug stores for healing ill animals. The first findings of the coal mines in Slovenia were discovered around the 17th hundreds.  The systematically began searching for more findings in the 18th hundreds which took place for about one hundred years.  These actions were also initiative to Austria in the years of 1842 until 1845 where the search took place in 70 destinations in Kranjsko and Štajersko. This is when all of the coal mines in Slovenia became known.