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Muzej premogovništva Slovenije / Koroška cesta - Stari jašek 58 / 3320 Velenje



9.00 - 16.30 


gsm: 031 752 418

Most asked questions

How deep do we go underground?

With the elevator we slowly reach depth of 157 meters.

How many elevators does the museum have?

One elevator.

What is the speed of the elevator?

The elevator travels up and down with a speed rate of 4 m/s.

Does the museum lie under the lakes?

No, it lies under deserted tunnels.

How long does the tour of the museum take and how does it work?

The length of the tour depends on the visitor and his or hers wishes. Tour is guided by a tour guide. Tour consists of multimedia presentation, typical coal miner lunch and an underground train ride.

When and how long is the underground train ride?

At the end of the tour we take the underground train ride which is about five minutes long.

When and what kind of meal do we get to eat?

We eat our meal in the half of the tour in the deepest lunch room in Slovenia. Our hunger gets taken care of by a nice tasty sausage with bread.

When will it shake?

You will feel the shaking at the simulation of the accident within the museum, it is completely safe so no worries.

Can the handicapped and the people on the wheelchairs also visit the museum?

Yes, the museum is perfectly made for the handicapped and the people on the wheelchairs.

Are the tours in different languages also?

Yes, we have professional tour guides who speak different languages.  Multimedia is presented in English, German, Italian and Croatian.

How old is the coal in Velenje Coal mine?

It is the youngest type of coal: Lignite. It is 2million years old.

How many tunnels does the coal mine have?

The estimated length of all the tunnels in use is about .

How deep is the deepest part in the coal mine? 

The deepest part is 550m deep.